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HARMAN Lab Testimonials

" I just received my order of "Ilford Black & White Prints in todays mail. They were made from a scan of a black and white negative, using your printing process. THEY ARE GORGEOUS! I've never gotten such excellent black and white prints. Thank You Ilford. It's nice to know that you can get quality prints from you black and white negatives."

C.R., Camas, Washington

October 2017

"I had pretty much given up on shooting black & white real Infrared film some years ago when the local photo lab stopped hand processing it and scanning to disc, but this first test batch with the Ilford USA lab and the related scans are suburb and free of any debris or dust. It makes me wish I had a darkroom still to go hand-print & enlarge them myself now but I can run them into Lightroom to further toning and make digital prints etc." --
Tom Tracy, West Palm Beach, Florida.

September 2017

 My order arrived today and I wanted to let you know that I am delighted with both the service and printing. I placed the order on Wednesday, altered the delivery address, and already my prints are with me - very impressive. The prints themselves are perfect and cannot in any way be faulted. I will be returning frequently. Thank you very much.

July 2017

Thanks for changing the address for me. I received my print and it looks fantastic.
The information on your website, along with the test print you provided have been incredibly helpful.
Thanks again.
Aaron UK
June 2017

Would you please thank the technicians for the prints.
They are excellent with a high contrast...
...Thankyou again for the excellent prints.
Steve UK
May 2016

I've just received my order and wanted to say thanks,
The print is wonderful and the service outstanding,
Thanks again
Steve UK
April 2016

I just want to thank you for the brilliant service, quick, efficient, very good quality. Just perfect as I like it.
Anthony UK
February 2016

Just want to say Thanks! for my first batch of prints from you, very accurate and well packaged. Very impressed.
Steve UK
November 2016

Just a quick note to say thanks for the negatives developed. Glad there was something on it and that I got the film type correct (FP4). Just transferred some via a slide scanner and they look brilliant. Certainly bring back memories. I've got a few more films so I'll send another next month. Hey, I might even buy an old analogue Nikon off eBay and take up a new 35mm photo hobby!! LOL
Paul UK
October 2012

Thank you prints arrived and are great.
Thank you for wonderful service.
Michele UK
October 2015

Many thanks for your extremely quick and excellent response.
We are all to often quick to criticise and too slow to show appreciation.
I have no doubt that we will use your service in the future and also highly recommend your service to others.
Ian UK
September 2015

Just to let you know That my print arrived this morning and, as usual, the quality is outstanding. I am looking forward to seeing it take its place in an upcoming exhibition.
I always used Ilford films and paper. After moving to digital, I tried several online printers, but none of them can match the quality of Ilford.
Will UK
September 2015

Stunning. Extremely pleased with the results.
So, once again, may I thank you for all your help and time.
Darren UK
September 2014

Prints have arrived for my exhibition - soooo pleased with the print quality ( printed by @ILFORDPhoto ) !!
David, UK
July 2014

Hi Team, I sent off 3 x 120 B&W films at the weekend and received them back in the post today (Wed)....Brilliant service, thanks very,very much! :)
Thank the folk in the lab too.  
Rod, UK
June 2014

Thank you thank you i am in your debt  they are wonderful  you have done an excellent job indeed  it has bought a much needed smile to my face.  
William, UK
May 2013

Dear Sir,
Just to let you know that the 135 film you recently develped, scanned and printed for me is excellent quality.
I did a comparison test with a half dozen rolls sent to various other companies and your quality is so far ahead of the other there's no real point of comparison.  One film developed and scanned by a so-called competitor was so scratched it looked gouged, the development was generally mediocre, there were drying marks etc, and the scan quality was lamentable everywhere.
You're not cheap, but you get what you pay for.
Nick, UK
Jan 2013

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