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Black & White Developing, Printing & Scanning from Film

We process all types of 35mm and 120 Black and White film, including non-ILFORD films and colour process black and white films. Its postage paid to send us your films and we normally operate up-to a maximum of 5 working days in the lab.

Our Refrema dip and dunk film processors are strictly controlled and the black and white machines use ILFORD chemistry throughout. Each film is processed with a unique development time to obtain optimum contrast and density.

We also offer two levels of quality for scanning your black and white negatives as well as different options for print size, style and surface finish.

Your 4x6 and 5x7 print sets will be delivered in an optional presentation ILFORD box with negatives sleeved. Larger prints are delivered in robust envelopes and stiffener card to ensure they are well protected.

Our service is available in the US and Canada.


Online Order forms

Complete our online order form for 35mm and 120 film Developing, with online payment option.
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Off-Line Order Forms

Download Printable form for developing 35mm & 120 film.

Film Processing PDF


Download Printable form for Sheet Film.

Sheet Film Processing


Download Printable form for reprints, enlargements and scans from previously developed film.



Buy Prepaid Film Mailers

Now purchase the same prepaid film mailers that are available in your favorite camera store. These sturdy COEX Prepaid Mailers are great for photographers on-the-go. Done with that roll ?? Just enclose your film and address and toss in the mail!

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