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HARMAN Lab is the official HARMAN Technology Ltd Black and White processing service. The service makes real black and white processing and printing more accessible than ever.

HARMAN Lab Process Paid mailers are available from popular photographic dealers, alternatively our customers can now use our secure website to pay for film processing online. Prints are made on genuine ILFORD photographic paper and ILFORD Chemistry is used for Film and Paper development.

The parent company HARMAN technology Limited came into existence in February 2005 following the acquisition of the ILFORD black and white photographic manufacturing business. HARMAN technology trades as ILFORD PHOTO for the range of black and white products and the name HARMAN comes from Alfred Harman the founder of the original ILFORD business, established in 1879.

We believe there will always be demand for traditional silver gelatin prints and we are passionate about making the highest quality black and white prints whether from film or digital files. Our company has over 130 years experience producing the best black and white photographic products, a heritage we are extremely proud of.

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